Sunday, June 11, 2006

Losing the plot

A pair of editiorials in the Daily Times highlighted the country's drift into the smothering embrace of intolerance and extermism. First, Jamaat-ul-Dawa, the same group involved in the trafficking of children and allowed to operate freely in earthquake zone, organised prayers for Zarqawi. Second, beards in the Punjab assembly demanded an end to the practice of allowing non-Muslims to legally purchase alcohol produced by local distilleries and single brewery.

The government's reaction? None. Jamaat-ul-Dawa, as the Daily Times editorial points out, could not operate so openly without the government's tacit approval. As for the beards, Musharraf has demonstrated time and again that he is willing to accommodate them if it suits his political needs. The government's view may well be that the ends justifies the means, but all too often the means can alter the ends.

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