Sunday, July 02, 2006

Till death do us part

Political memoirs are meant to be saved for when one has been put out to pasture. Certainly you can't imagine any democratic leader writing his memoirs while in office: the electorate wouldn't take too kindly to a leader who takes time out from the business of govnerment for a vanity project. Of course things operate differently in Pakistan and now it seems Musharraf is set to publish an autobiography.

If one were to read between the lines, the autobiography-while-in-office is also an unmistakable signal that Musharraf doesn't intend to retire from office. If you decide to write a book but don't intend to relinquish office in your lifetime, you of course write one while in office. It may well be that we already know the most important of all the things that Musharraf has to tell us.

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