Friday, May 19, 2006

Of Champions and Supremacy

Musharraf's latest gems:

“There is no ambiguity in Constitution in this context. But people debating the issue of president’s election are unaware of the constitution,” President Musharraf said in a brief interview with AVT Khyber late on Wednesday.

“I completely believe in supremacy of parliament and stability of democratic institutions. And completion of the legitimate five-year tenure by the existing assemblies will provide an ample proof of my assertion that I’m the champion of democracy,” the president said.

Famous for shooting from the hip, these latest pronouncements are all the more cringe-worthy as only a few days ago our 'champion of democracy' decided to set up shop in Parliament for the day to paper over the cracks in his PML-Q coalition.

Champion of Democarcy v Charter of Democracy: Pakistanis really do suffer their fools gladly.

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