Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yellow brick road

In the month that Pakistan secured a seat on the new UN Human Rights Council, a UN Special Rapporteur has denounced the forced evictions of Karachi slum dwellers by Pakistani authorities. The evictions are designed to make way for the controversial Liyari Expressway, but the need for the expressway has been thoroughly debunked by Arif Hassan, a renowned urban designer and town planner.

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rizwan said...

the view presented by arif hassan is credible. another interesting aspect of resistance to the expressway eminates from a people's movement. i have heard of an organization of slum dwellers which has resisted and protested and even clashed with the authorities as they sought to implement the expressway over the past few years.

asim sajjad was associated and i believe other information may be had from khamba and chief in khi ...